Our Organic Eco Wine ~ Plavac Mali "Terra Spino" Murvica

The grapewine is nurtured and the wine is produced and bottled at the Mali Zagradac. Unique location, protected by geographic origin. The wine is obtained by ecological processing, on the south , steep slopes of the island of Brač. The perfect ambiance of the Mediterranean sea gives it a fragrance that is felt in this divine nectar. The reflection of the sun and the playful winds, which cool the Mother Earth, contribute to the harmonious aroma that is felt in every drop. The wine is in harmony with grilled dishes, hard cheeses and savoury snacks.

Organic Eco wine is elegant, sips go down Your throat easily one after another. There is also advantage of much slower oxidation, so when You open a bottle it can stay that way for the week or more without losing taste or overall quality! Our main goal with this process is to complete this transformation of production, so we have a terroire, the wine that will preserve soil, climate, sort and man.

Our Wineyards

Our vineyard is located on the southern slopes of island of Brac. It's in our family for last two centuries, so the secrets of production have been transferd from one generation to another. In time we upgraded our production process with full organic farming and later on with organic Eco winemaking. Our wine has protected denomination of origin Zagradac Mali.

Our Production

We consider organic production paramount in wine making. There is no use of any additives in production or chemicals in the maintenance of the vineyards. As the result of this kind of production we have very limited quantities of grapes and wine. After seeing results of organic and traditional production we started to digg further into the history of production. This is how we started using Organic Eco wine making in our process.
We make two types of wine.

  • Pure red wine Plavac Mali
  • Rosé

About our Olive Oil And Our Spirits

Olive Oil

As in the wine our tradition stretches in the production of olive oil and spirits. Our extra virgin olive oil comes from the olive grooves located in the south part of the island of Brac by the sea. Our extra virgin olive oil is made by all standards of organic farming and production.


We also make wide range of spirits all made from the fruits and local herbs. There is famous Loza from grapes, Visnjevac from cherry, and also ones from walnut, fig and myrtle!

Wine Awards Our Awards

Terra Spino Bottle

Terra Spino Plavac Mali 2017 Srednja i Južna Dalmacija, Croatia
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Golden Diplomas for the quality of open and young wines
  • Terra Spino Plavac Mali MURVICA 2015.
    (certified ecological production )
    Bol, island Brač
  • Terra Spino Plavac Mali MURVICA 2016.
    (certified ecological production )
    Bol, island Brač
  • Terra Spino Plavac Mali MURVICA 2017.
    (certified ecological production )
    Bol, island Brač

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